Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

ROC-DC is a local restaurant workers’ organization founded in September 2009. We are dedicated to improve the working conditions in the restaurant industry. Currently we have over 500 restaurant worker members and we actively outreach to workers from all communities across the District to build, develop, and lead the worker center.

ROC-DC follows ROC-United’s tri-pronged model of change to build power and voice for restaurant workers. This involves ‘surrounding the industry’ by simultaneously:

I. Organizing workplace justice campaigns to demonstrate public consequences for employers who take the ‘low-road’ to profitability, by violating workers’ legal rights;

II. Promoting the high road to profitability through partnerships with responsible restaurateurs, cooperative restaurant development, and a workforce development program that moves low-income workers into living wage jobs;

III. Lifting standards industry-wide through participatory research and policy work.


1100 Florida Ave NW
2nd Floor
Washington DC, 20009
Contact: Sophia Miyoshi