Los Angeles

Los Angeles

ROC-LA is a local restaurant worker center founded in 2009. We build power and voice for restaurant workers through Policy change, organizing, and partnering with High Road Restaurants.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles (ROC-LA) is a multi-racial, grassroots organization dedicated to winning improved working conditions and raising industry standards for all Los Angeles restaurant workers.

ROC-LA builds power for low-wage restaurant workers through a tri-pronged strategy:

1) organizing workers against exploitation and discrimination in high-profile restaurant companies to win unpaid wages and workplace policy changes

2) conducting policy work to improve wages and working conditions industry-wide

3) partnering with responsible employers in a local Restaurant Industry Roundtable to promote the ‘high road’ to profitability, and helping members obtain living-wage jobs in the industry through training and leadership development.

Additionally, we piloted and launched the First Healthcare Cooperative for restaurant workers – ROC-MD. Besides these three prongs, ROC-LA builds the membership and leadership of low-wage workers through worker-led committees and an elected Leadership Board.


3055 Wilshire Blvd
3rd Floor, Room S
Los Angeles CA, 90010
Contact: Manuel Villanueva