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Racial Equity Toolkit 1 Copy

Racial Equity Toolkit

ROC United’s Racial Equity Project

The Racial Equity Project is an initiative spearheaded by ROC-United, designed to build a restaurant industry free of discrimination. We work with the restaurant industry to understand where racial biases exist in America’s restaurants, and what can be done to confront and uproot them. The end result: a restaurant industry where equity, dignity, and fairness are always on the menu.

The Racial Equity Toolkit

A critical piece of our efforts is the Racial Equity Toolkit. “Adding Racial Equity to the Menu: An Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Owners” is a roadmap for employers to confront biases that may inform their hiring and promotions decisions, and other workplace practices.

The Racial Equity toolkit could not come at a more critical time. The restaurant industry is facing an occupational segregation crisis. White males dominate the more lucrative and external-facing positions, as well as managerial roles. What’s more, white workers are more likely to be interviewed, and twice as likely to be hired over equally or better-qualified workers of color applying to the same fine-dining establishments.

Wondering if your biases might be interfering with fair hiring and retention practices? Take the implicit bias test.

The results of this quiz are completely anonymous and mostly serve as an exploration and personal learning opportunity in relation to the theme of race. Results will be compiled with those of other restaurateurs to discuss the role implicit bias might play in the industry. Please note that this quiz requires a real keyboard (i.e. you can’t use a mobile device unless you have a real keyboard connected) and will load on any browser.

Take the quiz here

Racial equity is good for business

Our toolkit was designed in recognition of a new demand across the nation for restaurants with a conscience. Consumers are committed to “put their money where their mouths are” by choosing venues that match their values. As a result, a growing number of restaurants are exploring making racial equity a prominent part of their mission, operations, customer appeal, and overall brand. “Adding Racial Equity to the Menu: An Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Owners” is an attempt to forge a stronger, fairer restaurant industry where everyone has a seat at the table.

Ready to join the movement for racial justice at America’s restaurants? CLICK HERE to access the Racial Equity Toolkit, “Adding Racial Equity to the Menu: An Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Owners.”