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Like the rest of America, we here at ROC United watched in horror as yet another mass shooting injured or claimed the lives of hundreds of people. We send our love and prayers to all impacted by this tragedy.

We are heartened by the unity and selflessness so many of us have shown for the victims and their families. As usual, we are particularly proud of the people who work in the restaurant industry. You consistently convey your passion, empathy, and courage in such moments. Las Vegas is no exception.

Did you hear about Coco’s Restaurant and Bakery? When the gunfire broke out, Coco’s took in numerous people looking for safety and help.

“Sorry, it was hard,” [Samantha] Brumley said as she started to cry. “People were calling their moms and their dads, and everywhere you looked there were people under tables.”

A server, Brumley, became more like an emergency responder as Coco’s became a sanctuary for the victims.

“It’s just hard you know you wish you could do more, but at the same time, what do you do,” Brumley asked. “What do you? Do you know?”

For Brumley, working at Coco may never feel the same for her again.

“My heart just hurts,” she said.

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Coco’s was not alone. Tons of restaurants stepped up to offer their time, money, and food donations to the victims and their families.

Sparrow &Wolf’s Justin Hall was one of the earliest to put out the call, beginning a grass-roots campaign to connect chefs with people who could use their help as he waited in a line to give blood at about 8:30 a.m.

…Bouchon Bakery staff visited blood banks, offering snacks to the hundreds of people who waited for hours to donate a pint

Other restaurants that stepped up, according to social media posts and reports from those close to them, include pizza spots Evel Pie, Metro Pizza and Naked City Pizza

…Other people making runs to the Las Vegas Convention Center, according to those close to the restaurants, included off-Strip spots Tacos &Beer and Firefly, as well as Mandalay Bay’s Fleur by Hubert Keller and The Venetian’s Yardbird.

There are literally too many restaurants to list here. Read the full article to learn the full scope of their efforts.

In these difficult times, our industry always goes above and beyond to be of service to their fellow community members. ROC United could not be more proud of our industry.

Want to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Click here for ways you can help.