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A fascinating piece in The Nation asks a vital question: “How do we build a just, sustainable food system?”

From fair trade to America’s farm economy, to GMOs; an amazing panel of activists and thought leaders examine the current state of the sustainability movement from a variety of perspectives. Among them is our very own Saru Jayaraman, who tackles the dangerous agenda and influence of the National Restaurant Association.

From the Nation:

The NRA has partnered with Trump’s Labor Department to propose a new rulethat would allow restaurant owners to legally take workers’ tips away from them if they pay them a full minimum wage.

…This outrageous proposal presents the opportunity to mobilize thousands of workers, employers, and consumers—pretty much anyone who believes that tips belong to workers—and then move these thousands (including those who voted for Trump) to fight for what we really need, which is One Fair Wage. There have been several moments in history in which the corporate kleptocracy went too far, resulting in social movements that won transformative change. The Trump era could prove to be one of those moments.

Click here to read Saru’s entire piece—as well as reflections from Raj Patel, John W. Boyd Jr, Lindsay Shute, Dana Perls, and Zoe Carpenter.

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