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This Monday will mark 16 years since the September 11 Attacks. It is a somber, mournful day for our nation, when we commemorate the lives lost to that unspeakable tragedy. We at ROC join the rest of America in remembering our fallen, and in striving for a better world free of hate and violence.

For ROC, September 11 also marks the genesis of our organization. It began after the attacks, when the surviving employees of the Windows of the World restaurant—which once sat atop the North Tower of the World Trade Center—were being denied positions at a new restaurant owned by the company that once managed Windows.

Appalled by the situation, Saru Jayaraman helped to organize those workers. They won. One of those workers, Mamdouh Fekkak would go on to co-found ROC United with Saru. From the tragic events of that fateful day, a movement for fair wages and workplace conditions for America’s restaurant workers was born

We at ROC are proud of our history and optimistic for the future of our movement. However, that future hinges on your continued commitment and support. A donation of just $20 will strengthen our efforts toward One Fair Wage, the Sanctuary Restaurants movement, our lawsuit against the Trump Administration, and more.

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