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The National Restaurant Association routinely trots out a slew of routinely debunked explanations for keeping restaurant industry wages as low as possible. Among their favorites: businesses simply cannot absorb paying their employees a higher wage. According to them, the sky will fall on local restaurant industries if One Fair Wage legislation is passed.

Target is the latest business to debunk that myth. Target is officially the first low-wage chain retailer to pay its employees a $15 wage. As a great op-ed by NELP general counsel and program director Paul Sonn explains, their announcement shatters the myth that higher wages spell a death spiral for American businesses.

Low pay is hurting America’s working families and holding back our economy, which depends on a thriving consumer class to drive growth. Target’s plan to raise pay to $15 an hour over the next 30 months is smart business strategy, and what our nation’s workforce and economy need. There’s now a bullseye on the back of employers like Amazon, Walmart and McDonalds. They should follow Target’s lead.

We agree. Our nation’s restaurant industry should follow their lead as well. The whole point of working is to take care of loved ones, spend time with loved ones, and have a better quality of life. One Fair Wage will ensure all people who work in restaurants can achieve financial independence and improve their quality of life.

Learn more and join the movement at onefairwage.com.