Helping Harvey Food

The nation watched Hurricanes Harvey & Irma reeked havoc on several countries. Homes were destroyed, people were displaced, and businesses crippled by flooding. We extend our love and support to all those impacted by Harvey and Irma.

The hurricanes impacts are being felt in the restaurant industry. Businesses are facing a range of issues, from flood damage to low supplies. Others wonder if their establishments will survive while folks focus on rebuilding their homes and lives, rather than dining out.

Still, members of our industry have shown incredible bravery and resilience. Did you hear about the workers at El Bolillo Bakery in Houston? Four were stranded at the shop during the storm. Rather than despair, they got to work baking an unbelievable amount of bread, which was later handed out to those in need.

Alvarado said they didn’t count how many loaves they baked but said the bakery’s display cases can hold about 3,000 pieces of bread. There could have been about 1,000 more pieces of bread on the counters and cooling racks, he added. He estimated that the bakers used 4,400 pounds of flour.

…The bread from their two-day marathon baking session was delivered to various shelters, including the George R. Brown Convention Center, and a police station nearby, Alvarado said. The four bakers who camped out at work have since been reunited with their families, he added.

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We are deeply moved by the kindness and courage shown by those impacted by the hurricanes—including those who work in our industry—as well as folks from around the world that have donated their time and money. Join us in solidarity with Harvey and Irma victims. Make a donation today to the following amazing organizations that are on the ground supporting those impacted:

Dallas Women’s Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES)
Portlight Strategies
Texas Organizing Project
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH)