WIW Breakfast Speakers

This week, ROC United and ROC-Boston held the inaugural Women in the Workplace Breakfast. The event offered a unique opportunity to learn how to get involved in the growing movement for dignity and fairness for women in the workforce, particularly in Massachusetts’ restaurant industry. Check out pictures from the event below.

Attendees heard powerful and insightful remarks and reflections from an all-women panel of speakers including ROC & National League for Nursing members-leaders Rachael Collins and Marie Billiel, Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Bon Me, Ali Fong, Executive Director & CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, Fatima Goss Graves, Massachusetts Senator Cindy F. Friedman, and Director of the Harvard Labor & Worklife Program, Sharon Block.

Events like the Women in the Workplace Breakfast are vital for women who work in the restaurant industry. They make up the majority of restaurant workers, yet they earn significantly less than their male counterparts. This is compounded by the fact that they earn a lower, subminimum wage and rely on tips to make ends meet. As a result, they disproportionately experience poverty, discrimination, and sexual harassment at work. One Fair Wage would provide the financial stability necessary to make ends meet, plan for the future, and advocate for themselves against harassment.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in this very special day. Another Women in the Workplace Breakfast will only happen with your continued support.

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