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At a pizza parlor in Indiana, a women server received a cruel note from two disrespectful customers, angry because their total was more than they’d expected. Instead of leaving a tip on the credit card slip, the patrons wrote, “Here’s a tip: Contour is supposed to blend.”

Kelsi, the server—and an aspiring makeup artist—isn’t letting the incident get her down:

“My heart kind of dropped for a second,” she explained. “I had really bad body image issues and for a long time I didn’t feel good enough. All those thoughts zoomed back in my head.”

She continued, “A second later, I thought, you know what, I spent a lot of time doing my makeup today. Who are they to say that my contour is messed up, or that my makeup doesn’t look good? Because I know it looks good, and it looks good to me.”

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Kelsi’s instagram post about her experience has received over 2,000 likes and supportive comments. We commend Kelsi for having the courage to speak out about her experience. Hopefully her story inspires others to love and stand up for themselves.

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