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As our movement for One Fair Wage for all workers grows, groups like the National Restaurant Association will pull out all the stops to stymie our efforts. They desperately want you to believe a fair wage hurts the restaurant industry.

The people of St. Louis, MO are rejecting that false narrative. After a arduous legal battle, the working people of St. Louis secured a wage increase to $10 per hour. However, the state legislature stepped in, passing a law undoing their hard-fought victory. Instead of accepting that injustice, more than 100 St. Louis businesses—including many restaurants—signed onto the Save the Raise campaign, pledging to pay their employees $10 per hour anyway.

“The City of St. Louis enacted the minimum wage ordinance in 2015 to lift up working families, bolster the local economy, and foster a stronger and safer community. Despite years of obstruction by corporate lobbyists and this newest attack on fair pay by Republican politicians in Jefferson City, that vision is still within reach,” said 16 members of the St. Louis Board of Alderman, including the board’s president, Lewis Reed, in a joint statement. “All employers still have the power to do the right thing and continue to pay the fair wage.'”

Employers that agree to keep the $10 minimum can display signs showing their support and will be lauded on the Save the Raise campaign website.

We commend the people of St. Louis for standing with workers against the misinformation and obstructionist efforts of organizations like the NRA, and the politicians to whom they donate money.

Click here to learn about our very own One Fair Wage campaign, and join the movement for a fair, living wage for all workers, tipped or untipped.