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Despite an unprecedented misinformation campaign by the National Restaurant Association, those employed in Minneapolis’ restaurant industry seized a monumental victory last month. The city eliminated the tipped minimum wage and established one fair, living wage for all.

As with other One Fair Wage cities and states across the nation, working families in Minneapolis will now be afforded with a financial stability that makes it easier to make ends meet, plan for the future, and stand up to sexual harassment at work. This wasn’t a theoretical victory; real people fought hard for a fairer, better restaurant industry for all. They stood up, and now their lives will be made better for it.

Prior to last month’s big win, it wasn’t easy working in Minneapolis’ restaurant industry. Here are just a few testimonials:

Bethany: “This winter, I spoke with a food critic about why I supported $15 plus tips. Shortly after, my manager threatened to fire me at a meeting in a coffee shop with a termination slip in hand….”

Serena: “…Last January started working at a Pathway to $15 restaurant. I was excited to work for a female-run, female-owned restaurant. It was going well until I got a part-time job organizing tipped workers in support of One Fair Wage. …But then everything changed. One night my boss just let me have it….”

Emily: “I worked at a bowling alley/bar in Minneapolis and experienced blatant wage theft. I spoke with my coworkers and most of them had similar stories. I thought we should confront the manager and ask for transparency. My coworkers were too scared to do or say anything because they thought they would lose their jobs.”

We honor the people of Minneapolis for making One Fair Wage the law of the land. ROC will continue to advocate and act as a resource for the city’s vibrant restaurant industry.

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