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Far too often, we define safety as protection from violence and crime. However, when the conversation ends there, we ignore many other substantive ways we can foster safety and security for our communities.

Won’t a fair, living wage for all of us make us safer? What about affordable access to quality health care, housing, and education? It is no secret that the most overpoliced neighborhoods are often the most under resourced. This only perpetuates the systemic inequity that denies our communities of the dignity and justice they deserve. We need holistic solutions to ensure our communities have the safety and security necessary to thrive.

On August 2, Night Out for Safety and Liberation will attempt to redefine and reimagine what #SafetyIs for our communities, beyond crime, policing, and fear. Too often, the dialogue concerning community safety centers police-community relations. NOSL is a critical alternative to that narrowly-focused conversation. NOSL will engage communities across the country through a variety of local events open to the public, as well as a dynamic social media campaign to bring this critical conversation to platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. NOSL is a unique opportunity for community members to share what safety means for them.

ROC is excited to join over 30 other organizations from across the social justice movement to move the conversation about public safety away from punishment and criminalization, and toward equity and power through investment in our communities. We hope you will join us. Head over to to access a schedule of NOSL events nationwide, social media resources, and more information about the NOSL Movement.

And in the meantime, join ROC United today and stay informed about other opportunities to help us forge a better, fairer America.