The moment of truth has arrived. The Minneapolis City Council will vote this week on a $15 minimum wage for all workers in Minneapolis, including tipped workers.

For the thousands of hardworking restaurant workers of Minneapolis, the stability and financial security of a fair, living wage hangs in the balance. It is an imperative the City Council make the right decision and uphold One Fair Wage.

For months now, the NRA—through their front group, Pathway to $15—have mounted an unprecedented misinformation campaign in Minneapolis. Their goal? Eliminating One Fair Wage. They’re efforts have made some headway, but not nearly enough to outrun the truth.

The results of a just-released, city-commissioned report directly contradict the NRA’s claims. It argues that Minneapolis should establish a minimum wage of at least $12.49 per hour, phase it in over at least four years, and make no exception for tipped workers.

We knew this already. However, this report is critical toward tipping the scales in favor of truth and justice in Minneapolis. We urge Minneapolis restaurant workers and their allies to share the report with their friends and coworkers. What’s more, remain vigilant. Your city is ready for One Fair Wage!

Tipped workers in Minneapolis need your support. Click here to sign a petition demanding the City Council protect One Fair Wage.