Great news! On July 1, the minimum wage will go up in multiple jurisdictions across the country. Many of those impacted will be restaurant workers, who are among America’s hardest working. They are long overdue for a raise. Let’s be clear, these raises are not enough. For your information, here are a few jurisdictions where the minimum wage will increase:

DC – $12.50 ($3.33/hr for tipped restaurant workers)
Maryland – $9.25
Oregon – $10.25

Congrats to our brothers and sisters in the industry who will see their pay increase. Unfortunately, our industry is among the lowest paying in the country. These increases are important steps forward. However, the struggle for One Fair Wage is far from over. Ending the subminimum wage and establishing a fair, living wage for all workers will provide the financial stability necessary for workers to provide for their families and plan for their futures.

Restaurant workers should be able to rely on a fair wage from their employers, rather than the whims of customers to survive. America needs One Fair Wage.

Click here to contact your legislators and demand they support One Fair Wage.