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Restaurant workers and their allies are battling for One Fair Wage in Minneapolis. It has not been easy. The National Restaurant Association (or, as we like to call them, the Other NRA), has launched a nasty misinformation campaign. They have even propped up a front organization, Pathway to $15. Pathway seeks to do away with One Fair Wage, which will only strengthen the epidemic of wage theft that is rampant across Minneapolis’ restaurant industry.

The NRA has made a lot of noise, but they cannot drown out the voices of the hardworking restaurant workers of Minneapolis. A recent op-ed, “We are servers. We will not be silenced.” lifts up just a few of their stories…

Bethany: “This winter, I spoke with a food critic about why I supported $15 plus tips. Shortly after, my manager threatened to fire me at a meeting in a coffee shop with a termination slip in hand….”

Serena: “…Last January started working at a Pathway to $15 restaurant. I was excited to work for a female-run, female-owned restaurant. It was going well until I got a part-time job organizing tipped workers in support of One Fair Wage. …But then everything changed. One night my boss just let me have it….”

Emily: “I worked at a bowling alley/bar in Minneapolis and experienced blatant wage theft. I spoke with my coworkers and most of them had similar stories. I thought we should confront the manager and ask for transparency. My coworkers were too scared to do or say anything because they thought they would lose their jobs.”

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