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ROC United Lauds DNC Chair Tom Perez & Sen. Bernie Sanders for Supporting One Fair Wage for Maine’s Tipped Workers



April 17, 2017


Sian Lewis,, (202) 601-3999

ROC United Applauds Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and Senator Bernie Sanders for Standing for One Fair Wage for Tipped Workers in Maine

The following is a statement from ROC United Co-founder and Co-director, Saru Jayaraman, on DNC Chair Tom Perez and Senator Bernie Sanders rally Monday night in Portland, Maine

“ROC United applauds Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chair, Tom Perez for voicing their support for One Fair Wage in Maine. Prior to passage of the Ballot 4 initiative, tipped workers in Maine made just $3.75 per hour. This forced them to rely on tips to make ends meet. As a result, they faced disproportionate rates of poverty and sexual harassment. As leading progressive voices, Sanders and Perez have made clear that the Democratic Party endorses One Fair Wage. We hope their voices move Maine’s legislators to uphold the voters’ approval of Question 4.

“Last November, Mainers were loud and clear about their support for a fair, living wage for all workers, tipped or untipped. Governor Paul LePage and the National Restaurant Association intend to subvert the will of the people and reinstitute the subminimum wage system. To do this, they’ve launched a misinformation campaign unprecedented in its scope and in its cynicism. The National Restaurant Association has told workers that their tips will go down if their wages go up; experience in the seven states that have phased out the lower wage for tipped workers proves otherwise. Their efforts are a slap in the face to the people of Maine. We cannot let them win.

“ROC United will continue to stand with Maine’s tipped workers to demand one fair, livable wage for all.”

ROC United is proud to unveil an infographic explaining how higher wages lead to more income for tipped workers:


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