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Valentine’s Day is a great time to let those closest to you know how much you love and appreciate them. But while love might be in the air for you, America’s tipped workers face a very different February 14th; the struggle of living off tips, and the possibility of an anti-Labor Secretary heading up the Department of Labor.

Largely women and people of color, tipped workers earn as little as $2.13 at the federal level, thanks to the unjust subminimum wage. Forced to rely on tips — and thus, the kindness of strangers to make ends meet — they face disproportionate rates of poverty, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

What’s worse, they might be employed by the likes of CKE Restaurants CEO and Trump Administration Labor Secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder. A National Restaurant Association (or, the “other NRA) mouthpiece, Puzder is hostile to policies that would improve the lives of restaurant workers, including paid sick leave, and the elimination of the tipped minimum wage and establishment of One Fair Wage for all workers. He’s even endorsed replacing workers with machines! Andrew Puzder has no business anywhere near the Department of Labor.

Puzder’s confirmation hearing is just two days away. America’s restaurant workers need to know that appreciate them and that you stand with them in opposition to Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor.

This Valentine’s Day, share this graphic urging friends and family to #loveyourserver today and be sure to do so yourself if you go out to eat tonight.
And then, if you have a moment, click here to let your senator know they should reject Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary.