Dear Friends,

We wish everyone a happy, peaceful, and resistance-filled 2017. We know it will not be easy – to be sure, restaurant workers and their allies will be under attack. We also know that ultimately, we will win. No matter what happens, they cannot take away our hope, our vision, and our determination – only we can choose to give up. We must stay united and focused.

With growing concern among restaurant industry employers and workers across the country – particularly in light of a dramatic labor shortage and the incoming Trump administration – the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United has multiple plans in motion to ensure safety, dignity, and justice for America’s 12 million restaurant workers and their families.

ROC’s COLORS Restaurant – New York – which houses the COLORS Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute – is moving to a fabulous new location in New York City’s Lower East Side. Additionally, COLORS will expand to Oakland, California, as part of Restore Oakland, a partnership with the Ella Baker Center that will provide people with the skills, opportunities, and resources to heal themselves and their neighborhoods, and build safe, resilient, and thriving communities. Learn more at

Finally, COLORS will be a Sanctuary Restaurant, one of many restaurants that are joining the national Sanctuary Restaurants movement ( These establishments have a zero tolerance policy for sexism, racism, and xenophobia, and believe that there is a place at the table for all. Learn more below, and at

We have big plans for 2017, but we will get nowhere without your support. As consumers, you can immediately help in the following ways:

1. Go to and download cards to give to employers and workers every time you eat out, encouraging them to get support and become part of the Sanctuary Restaurants movement and ROC !
2. Join Diners United, ROC’s consumer association, and help to move the restaurant industry to the ‘High Road’ – which will become even more important during the next Administration.
3. GIVE here to support the movement!

Thank you again for your love, passion, and continued support. Here’s to an exciting and impactful 2017!

In solidarity,
Saru Jayaraman and ROC United