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Dear Friends,

As Muslim immigrants from Africa, we are outraged by the White House’s decision to ban immigrants from seven countries — largely people of color and Muslims. Such hateful, dangerous policies tear at the fabric of our communities and diminish us in the eyes of the world. ROC United stands with Muslims, immigrants, and their allies stand against xenophobia and islamophobia.

As restaurant workers, and now owners of our own COLORS Restaurant, we know that the restaurant industry is the largest private sector employer of all immigrants, including Muslim immigrants. We are heartened in this moment by the hundreds of restaurant owners, consumers, and workers who pledge to create hate-free and discrimination-free establishments by supporting the Sanctuary Restaurants movement.

Celebrate the launch of Sanctuary Restaurants with us on February 13, 2017, our annual day of action to highlight the federal tipped minimum wage still being stuck at $2.13 an hour. Please join ROC, Presente.org, and restaurant owners as we announce and celebrate Sanctuary Restaurants in our new location for COLORS Restaurant-New York in the historically immigrant-friendly Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Sanctuary Restaurants Launch February 13, 2017 6-8 pm 178 Stanton Street New York, NY 10002 Click here to RSVP and join us!

If you are not in New York City, you can still join the movement. Do you believe in an America where everyone has a seat at the table? Click here to join the Sanctuary Restaurants movement.

Fekkak Mamdouh, co-director, ROC-United
Sekou Siby, deputy co-director, ROC-United