1fw Ashley Protest

Dear ROC Friends and Supporters,

Regardless of political party, we at ROC were all concerned that our nation is divided along racial, gender, and class lines. We know that racial bigotry, xenophobia, and misogyny trump the dream of a united 99%. Some of us have children who have been crying and scared about what this could mean for them. Many of us, particularly immigrants, are worried for their safety. We wonder what to tell our daughters, and what this country is saying to us about women’s value and worth.

However, there were exciting victories last night to give us hope about the way forward.

Maine and Flagstaff, Arizona made history in joining a growing number of jurisdictions that voted to eliminate the lower wage for tipped workers! 

Congratulations to the Flagstaff Living Wage Coalition, the Maine People’s Alliance, and the Maine State Federation of Labor. Thanks so much to support from our friends and allies at NELP and the members of our national One Fair Wage Steering Committee. Kudos to the restaurant workers, employers and consumers of Maine and Flagstaff, Arizona. Thank you to our restaurant worker, employer and consumer members everywhere who have been fighting for change for many years and who made this victory possible.

These victories prove that despite all our divisions, when these issues are taken directly to Americans, Americans still vote for gender equality, an end to sexual harassment, and an end to the legacy of slavery that the subminimum wage for tipped workers still represents.

At ROC, we look forward and regard our victories as evidence that now, more than ever, we have more and more organizing opportunities. Together, we will heal, we will organize, and we will win better wages and work conditions for Americans.

Saru Jayaraman and Fekkak Mamdouh, Co-Directors and Co-Founders of ROC, and the entire ROC team



GREAT NEWS: Maine & Flagstaff, AZ have vote to raise the minimum wage & reject the sub minimum tipped wage in favor of #1FairWage for ALL!