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A major party’s candidate for President has boasted about sexual harassment. One after another, women are stepping forward to share their harrowing, life-altering run-ins with Donald Trump. As a Huffington Post piece by Laura Bassettattests, the whole thing is downright sickening, and painfully familiar for all too many women:

“The nausea in my stomach crept up into my throat. My chest felt heavy and squeezed, like someone was sitting on it. My jaw and teeth ached, and I realized I’d been clenching them. By the time the flight attendant reached out with a bag of pretzels, I was breathing into a brown paper bag I’d found in the seat pocket. I walked to the bathroom of the plane and hovered over the toilet, hoping my body would purge what was making me sick. 

For me, as for many women, Trump’s comments were personal. They triggered memories of an assault that I thought I had processed and put behind me more than a decade ago….”

America’s women tipped workers can relate all too well to the helplessness and emotional trauma Trump’s antics trigger. Reliant on tips — and thus the whims of customers to make ends meet — women tipped workers disproportionately experience sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. As a result, the restaurant industry is the single largest source of sexual harassment claims to the EEOC.




Though the memories are painful, Bassett uses her platform to lift up the voices of other women as well, featuring their experiences with sexual harassment toward the end of her piece. It sends a powerful message: in order for things to change, we must lift up our voices and tell our stories, and let the world know that women tipped workers are #NOTONTHEMENU.



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