In light of the controversy surrounding Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and the allegations he has repeatedly sexually assaulted women, one of the most striking findings of our latest report — Behind the Kitchen Door: The Promise and Denial of Boston’s Growing Restaurant Industry — is the fact that Boston’s tipped restaurant workers are forced to tolerate much higher levels of sexual harassment than other workers as a result of being forced to live off tips. And that’s not all; low wages, poor workplaces conditions, and wage theft abound across Boston’s restaurant industry.

On Tuesday, ROC Boston unveiled the report — one of the largest studies to date on Boston’s restaurant workforce — with a powerful forum featuring remarks and reflections from employers, restaurant workers, advocates and policymakers, all committed to the establishment of One Fair Wage for all workers.  

While it is clear Boston’s restaurant industry has some serious work to do, the report also reveals that there are a minority of restaurants that are succeeding by investing in their workforce, offering benefits, opportunities for advancement, and livable wages. We sincerely hope this report will be instrumental in guiding more employers toward the High Road of sustainability, and legislators toward One Fair Wage for all.

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Are you a tipped worker who has endured sexual harassment or assault on the job? If so, we want to hear from you. Tell us your story anonymously or include details to receive free help from our Legal Department.

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