Thandie Newton, star of HBO’s Westworld wants you to help take our power back!

Did you know the tipped minimum wage — as low as $2.13 in dozens of states — has its historical roots in slavery? In post-slavery America, tipping was viewed as a demeaning practice fit only for former slaves, whom business owners resented having to pay in the first place.

Nearly two hundred years later, that rationale — that it is acceptable for tipped workers to rely on customers rather than their employers for a living wage — continues to persist, thanks to the lobbying efforts of industry behemoths like the National Restaurant Association. Join ROC United and Thandie Newton in telling lawmakers: enough is enough!

The time has come for all of us to stand up, speak truth to power, and end this inhumane legacy of slavery once and for all. In the video below, screen star Thandie Newton explains the historical roots of the tipped subminimum wage and it’s connection to slavery.

The movement for One Fair Wage is heating up like never before, but we’ll get nowhere unless your legislators hear your voices!

Click here to watch this powerful video. Then take just 60 seconds to contact your legislators and urge them to stand against poverty wages and provide #1FairWage for all.