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Women’s rights leaders, community activists, and restaurant workers are headed to City Hall Plaza this Tuesday at 11am to rally against sexual harassment in the restaurant industry!

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The restaurant industry is the single largest source of sexual harassment charges filed by women with the EEOC, with a rate FIVE TIMES higher than the general female workforce.

Is it a coincidence that the majority of people living off tips are WOMEN? We don’t think so.

If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you know that dealing with inappropriate behavior from customers, co-workers, and management is brushed off as just part of the culture.

That’s unacceptable.

Join Saru Jayaraman, Eve Ensler (One Billion Rising), National Organization of Women, HollaBack!, Equal Rights Advocates, Ms. Foundation and more in telling the restaurant industry and our elected officials that women are #NotOnTheMenu!

Find a rally in your city. There will be rallies in the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, D.C., Detroit, L.A., New Orleans, and Philly. 

If you’re sick of being treated like an object, being told to “sex up” your attitude and clothes to get a decent tip, and generally having to put up with advances from customers, co-workers and managers because you live off tipS- join other NYC restaurant workers and activists in declaring you’re NOT ON THE MENU.

Even if you’ve never worked as a server, this event matters to you. By allowing the restaurant industry to pay a subminimum wage to women — who make up 70% of servers — one of the largest industries in the country teaches women, many of whom find their 1st job in the industry, that their worth is intrinsically linked to enduring forms of harassment and being objectified.

The restaurant industry’s low wages and treatment of women is an affront to ALL WOMEN.

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RSVP to the Facebook event here. 

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