Dollar Tip

Over the weekend, The New York Times Editorial Board published ‘Tipped Into Poverty‘ echoing our demand that politicians do more than raise the tipped minimum wage but, “abolish the separate minimum wage for tipped workers in favor of one robust minimum for all workers, as seven states already have done.”

This is a huge deal, and something that would not have been possible without the growing support for one fair minimum wage that includes all workers! However, one of the most powerful arguments against a tipped minimum wage was absent from the piece: the restaurant industry is the single largest source of sexual harassment charges filed by women. We’ve heard from hundreds of women that they have to endure all kinds of inappropriate touching and advances in order to get the majority of their wages through tips.

You can help raise awareness of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry by:

1. Joining our LIVING OFF TIPS campaign and share your story! Get started here.

2. Watching and sharing our latest video, “What’s Living Off Tips Got to Do with Sexual Harassment?