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When I worked as a cocktail waitress, I was not a veteran so I was routinely given sections that didn’t have customers or didn’t tip well. When I got my check, the company estimated how much tips they thought I should have gotten and taxed that amount – which was always way over what I actually made. Every payday I had to argue with payroll to have them correct my check. This was also a resort, so we had to work the dinner hour as well as the clubs, and people often didn’t tip because they thought it was covered by the house gratuity – which it wasn’t when they ordered from the bar but we still got the same hourly wage and no cut of the house gratuity. Finally, I was called “Bunny” by dirty old men and comments were made about my body and clothes. I refused to dress provocatively which probably also contributed to my low tips. Living Off Tips is Degrading.