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On Wednesday, one of our newest members, MIRA, introduced President Obama before his #RaiseTheWage speech in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

mira introducing the president

Mira (at the podium) has 7 years experience in the restaurant industry, is currently going to the University of Michigan. “Everyone who puts in an honest days work deserves a living wage! That is why the minimum wage needs be raised. It isn’t about finding a different job to support myself better, while I do have a stake in the cause, it is about making the industry responsible for paying their workers a sustainable wage. The industry needs to be held accountable for this! No one should have to walk in to work and hope that they make enough money to make rent that night. No one should have to have a worry about whether or not their customers are going to help them pay their bills.”

More of Mira’s LIVING OFF TIPS story here.

Our member, ANNA, a current server in DC, joined Senate Democrats on their ‘Raise The Wage’ Bus Tour. Watch her speak here.

roc dc anna


CATHERINE, current server in DC, joined Senators on steps of the U.S. Capitol to speak up for raise to the minimum wage for all workers — including servers and people living off tips.

catherine on hill











TIFFANY flew in from Houston, where she currently works as a server living off tips, to join Senators Gillibrand and Klobuchar’s press conference on why we need to raise the minimum wage, especially for women! 




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