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Living off tips unstable. There have been countless times when tables have stiffed me with tips so I have been restricted with my money. Coming in to work and basing how much money you are going to make that day on how people are feeling, how busy the restaurant is, or how people perceive you is an unstable game. You can win some people over and they will appreciate your great service and hard work and reward you by tipping generously and those are good people. There are people who can run you around ragged and be incredibly rude and not even tip you 10% of their bill. These people can ruin your day. But the hardest part is you still need to serve them with a smile. You need to be happy and helpful all the time as a server. You can’t be mad, you can’t be grumpy, and you can’t let your anger show. I support raising the tipped minimum wage because servers need to have a more stable income. They need to know that they will be making a certain income an not completely depend on the mood of their customers. I am a senior in college paying my way through the University of Michigan. I couldn’t even imagine trying to support a family on a server’s wage because I have enough trouble making rent, groceries, loans, and other expenses by serving. I have been in the industry for about 7 years now. Everyone who puts in an honest days work deserves a living wage! That is why the minimum wage needs be raised. It isn’t about finding a different job to support myself better, while I do have a stake in the cause, it is about making the industry responsible for paying their workers a sustainable wage. The industry needs to be held accountable for this! No one should have to walk in to work and hope that they make enough money to make rent that night. No one should have to have a worry about whether or not their customers are going to help them pay their bills. No one should have to stress about money because they aren’t in control of their income. Hard work deserves an honest income and stress free life. We need to raise minimum wage to not only help the workers make a living wage, but let them live free of stress.