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My name is Dylan, and I’m only 16 years old. I started working as a server when my dad left this Father’s Day (ironically). In my home its me, my mom, my brother, and my cousin now. We have child support for my brother and me, and my mom has a small job teaching at a college (keyboarding classes, I believe) but this income doesn’t even cover the house and car payments. Me and my cousin work for the same business in different locations, her being a cashier at a hospital location, and me a server at the restaurant. She makes about $8 an hour, and as for me, I make $2.30. This restaurant is independently owned and has very low income. I work after school every day (or used to) just to help out with bills. We have no government help, we don’t qualify since we all work, but that doesn’t mean we can survive. I’ve been paying for our groceries for about as long as a month after my dad left. But we were somewhat stable then. Recently due to a loss in customer satisfaction of dinner at the restaurant, they cut hours. Mine specifically. I only work Saturday now, and tips are terrible, especially when we have multiple servers. All I can say is Living Off Tips is hell.