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Living off tips is like being a beggar. I support myself and two family members as a server. Sometimes restaurants are short staffed. I’ve had to wait on 30 tables at once which included brewing tea & coffee, fetching heavy buckets of ice, folding napkins, rolling silverware, stocking the server station, stocking condiments, preparing desserts, bussing tables, sweeping, washing tea urns, coffee pots, coffee machines, going outside to fetch other employees, ringing up tickets, ensuring food is good quality and orders are correct, dealing with mistakes, bringing to-go cups and plates, listening to complaints from managers. These are all my job duties but sometimes I’m asked to do other chores as well such as wiping down every table in the restaurant, sweeping the restroom, slicing lemons for drinks, preparing sour cream in bulk to be served with baked potatoes. I go into the stock room, cooler and freezer to get items many times during my shift.