The worst part about my last serving job was that not only was I living off tips, but there was no standard when waiting on large parties.  The craziest thing to ever happen to me was having to wait on a party of 15 people for an hour and a half, then getting my tip of a measly $10.00 in the form of a bag of pennies.  The food service industry has now started using server tips to help pay the wages of other employees as well, tip out at my last job was 3% of my sales regardless of how much in tips I made that night.  This is one of the main reasons I support raising the tipped minimum wage because almost the entire restaurant has their hands in the server’s pocket, forcing them to make up for what they do not want to pay hosts, bartenders, and bussers in order to keep their profits high and employee pay low.  Living off of tips is inadequate.  People are mean, and often walk in to a restaurant with absolutely no intention of giving a tip, but fully intending to ask for everything and take up the server’s time, and tables from their sections, virtually stealing their wages as time for a server especially, is money.