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As a server you live in fear from week to week, day to day on having choose which bills to pay. Relying on the generosity of people, especially during a time of economic problems in our country is a death sentence for paying your bills. I have been looking for a second and third job for months and have had no luck so far and with the lull in customers before the holiday I am now having to start making decisions about whether or not to pay my bills, put food in my belly or gas in my car. I’m in my mid 20’s now and serving doesn’t allow my to meet my basic needs, let alone finish college or seeks higher dreams like a place of my own. Servers are truly the working poor in every sense, working every hour offered to not even be able to feed ourselves. Where I work the bussers are paid better then us just for cleaning tables and refilling the side stations! They currently receive $5 per hour or more depending on their length of time with the company PLUS 1.25% of all servers’ total sales for the night split between the 1-2 bussers working per shift. I struggle every day to understand how cleaning tables we have already pre-bussed and still making a good working wage is somehow worth more than we are, the heart of the restaurant industry. The minimum wage for servers needs to be raised to meet the current economic needs of the thousands of servers out there who just want to be able to live off the hard work they already do.