LOT Natasha G

I have 1 younger sister who works in a bar with her fiancé. My parents owned and operated Thai restaurants from the 80s until their retirement last year. I got involved in the industry through them and started working in their restaurant when I was still in high school. After high school, I stayed in the industry instead of pursuing a college degree because of the high cost of education. I worked in the industry until I saved enough money for college when I was 22. I was the first in my family to gain a college education. Working for tips helped me get through 6 years of college without acquiring debt, however it was hard to juggle full time studies with late night work. Working for tips is incredibly difficult as tips are not a form of steady income. Tips fluctuate daily by hundreds of dollars. I can make $600 in a day to $20 the next day. It is also hard to secure a good relationship with a financial institution when your employment is not secure and direct deposits amount to only a few dollars an hour.