Maria Thumb

I’ve always worked in restaurants, I didn’t have anyone to look after my son. Sometimes you’re sick, very sick, and still have to go to work, because the boss tells you: you HAVE to come into work. I’ve never had the pleasure of being paid overtime. They always paid me $20/day, $25 maximum. And I’ve never worked less than 6 hours, I’ve always worked 8, 9, 10 hours each day. When my son was about a year old, every day I was sick with the flu. One day I went to visit a friend, and she knew I was sick with bronchitis. She looked at me said, “you’re really sick, why are you going into work?” I said, “I can’t stop working. I have to go to work. The boss said I have to work.” My dream has always been to give the best to my son, to be able to give him what I couldn’t have, and that he doesn’t suffer what I’ve suffered.