I love what I do! I enjoy satisfying every customer I meet and take care of, going out of my way of to make sure that they enjoyed themselves, and the food! What is instilled in me is to give my best all the time and I do it successfully everyday. I am the daughter of Banquet Server/College Student. My mother has been in the food industry for over 24 years. She did not want this life for me or my sister, to work in the same industry she had to struggle so much for. My mother worked countless hours to take care of us, feed us, and give us as many of the necessities that all parents want to give their children. Living off of tips for us was an everyday gamble growing up, and a part of my childhood I do not wish to remember. But I am here today sharing with you how living off of tips has affected my childhood, and to this day affects my life. Growing up my sister and I have our birthdays right next to each other, and Christmas three days later. One Christmas my mother sat me and my sister down and told us we weren’t having Christmas. We did not believe her, it was just so unreal to our ears until our eyes saw and empty room Christmas morning with just lights decorating the room. At the moment the rent was more important than gifts. Our home was on a scale that Christmas year, and our one bedroom apartment housing three people was all we had that Christmas. This is no where near the sacrifices my mother made for us. It was like we had to grow up a lot faster than we should have because we had to understand what was more important when it came to our mothers income as a tipped server. And as I have come into this same environment that she did not want for me or my sister, I have to chose what is important when I never know what I am going to bring home in tips. Sometimes I have to decide do I eat or pay my cell phone bill, do I pay for my transportation or get new shoes for work. I support the tipped minimum wage because no one can suffer like this, no one should ever go through this life. To miss out on things in life you will never get back is heartbreaking. What the world needs to know about the shoes I walk in, is that I put so much into what I enjoy doing. And I need your support, we all need your support, because we all have a voice that should not be silenced. I would appreciate it, my future children and your future children would appreciate it too. Thank you!