With over 20 million workers nationwide, the US food industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of our economy. Within it, the restaurant industry is the largest segment – employing over 10 million workers – but unfortunately is also the lowest-paying employer in America.

We are on the cusp of creating real change for food workers and the food system in America; legislators across America are currently considering proposals to raise the minimum wage and provide paid sick days, and to regulate food companies, forcing them to provide healthier, more environmentally-sustainable food.

All of us -workers, employers, and eaters- have a stake in encouraging a sustainable food system and thriving local economies, but we’ll need as many people to join us putting the pressure on Washington to legislate real changes in the restaurant industry. By raising the wage and benefits floor, millions of workers across the food chain will have enough to spend on the basics, and boost the economy in the process by circulating more money in local economies.

At ROC, we believe that a truly sustainable food system must include sustainable labor practices. THE WELCOME TABLE is a national association of people who care about the food they eat and the people who have touched it, and want to be part of making a better food system for all.

As ROC’s Saru Jayaraman has said, “We don’t just hold forks when we eat out, we hold incredible power.” Please join us in gathering for a responsible food system here.