By Pat Loeb, Oct. 10, 2012

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A groundbreaking survey of Philadelphia restaurant workers shows the majority of them make below-poverty wages, even after tips, and get no benefits.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center surveyed nearly 600 workers and found that 60 percent make less than ten dollars an hour, 94 percent get no health insurance, and 93 percent don’t even get paid sick days even though more than half report being injured on the job.

Coordinator Fabricio Rodriguez (at right in photo below) released the report at a gathering in Tequilas Restaurant, a “high road” employer who pays above-minimum wages and provides paid leave.

“The restaurant industry needs to do a lot better,” Rodriguez said today.  “It’s an industry that’s growing, that can afford to make positive change for the workforce.”

Philadelphia city councilman Bill Greenlee, who led an unsuccessful effort to require employers to offer sick leave, found the report eye-opening.

“They’re not asking for a lot here, they’re asking to be treated fairly,” Greenlee said, adding that he believes a mandatory sick leave law will pass eventually in Philadelphia.