Contagion: Not Just a Movie tells the real story of how flu epidemics can spread. During the H1N1 outbreak, 7 million Americans caught the flu from their co-workers – in part because so many hard-working people without paid sick days were unable to stay home sick without being fired or losing a day’s wage.

Watch the real stories of five of the 44 million people who have been forced to go into work when they are sick because they couldn’t afford to or weren’t allowed to take time off.

We all have a stake in paid sick days.


*More than 44 million workers do not have paid sick days.
*Workers earning low-wages are the least likely to have paid sick days. Only 19 percent of low-wage workers have access to paid sick days.
*Many workers with a significant interaction with the public do not have paid sick days. *This includes three in four food service workers, three in five personal health care workers and three in four child care workers.
*1 in 6 workers have been fired or threatened with being fired for taking time off work to care for a personal or family illness.