While painting a distorded picture of ROC and inacurately calling our rigorous restaurant industry research “not credible” the NRA has put out “alerts” like the one above to scare their members.

On April 14th ROC led a Restaurant Worker Lobby Day simultaneous to the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Public Affairs Conference and Lobby visits. NRA claims to represent all 13 million restaurant workers in America, yet they oppose an increase to the minimum wage and paid sick days for workers.

ROC DC and ROC NY members visited 11 Members of Congress-telling their personal stories about the need for a raise in increased tipped-minimum wage and paid sick days. Despite the massive influx of cash from the NRA after our visit Representatives Henry Waxman and Eleanor Holmes Norton signed on as co-sponsors to the WAGES Act

. The WAGES Act was introduced by Donna Edwards of Maryland and would increase the archaic $2.13/hour tipped minimum wage to 70% of the regular minimum wage.