So…unfortunately I missed last night’s historic prayer vigil on Bourbon Street, but from what I understand it was a HUGE success, so I thought I would let you all know how fantastic it went, share with you all our victories as this campaign continues to move forward! Darrin can probably fill in this account with more details since he coordinated everything last night, but it was upwards of 50 people ultimately that came out for the vigil, including 3 ministers from the faith community. Apparently it was so successful that it could not be shut down after the first hour, and ended up continuing for a second hour, and when ROC started to walk away and end the action, people from Bourbon Street actually began following everyone back to Canal Street – I guess they didn’t want it to end!

Having the faith community leaders come out and lead a prayer vigil and sing songs that harken back to the Civil Rights Movement, and to do it all for this campaign and on Bourbon Street – known for drunkenness, partying, and moral looseness – well, to say the least, again it was definitely historic and will likely be remembered by everyone who was there for a very long time to come. We are hoping to put some video footage together to post up on youtube with some of our other footage as soon as we have something edited down to post.

As a member of our Advisory Committee shared her experience of it last night, you could almost feel it in the air, the start of something entirely new, this city is going to be completely changed when we win this campaign. I would say it’s even already changing! So, there’s my share even though it is all via people who were actually there for the vigil, since I was sick in bed with a fever. 🙁 But it was just one of many historic moments so far since our campaign began, and I just wanted you all to know that I feel we are all a part of this history-making, one ROC and one campaign across this country at a time. GO ROC NATION!!!!